Hani i Elezit, Str. Adem Jashari no. 280, Kosovo

The story of Sharrcem began in 1936. Sharrcem is the only cement plant in Kosovo. It is conspicuously located at the country’s border with North Macedonia. Sharrcem is part of a larger value chain within the country borders that serves the needs of the society with regards to safe, sustainable, and affordable housing and construction. Its key operations consist of production, transportation, and distribution of cement, transportation of fly ash, and other raw materials. The production process at the cement plant in Hani i Elezit comprises of these steps: crush, homogenize, grind, heat, and cool raw mix to transform them mineralogical to clinker, which is then grinded further to produce the final product: the cement.

IMPORTANT INFO: the company accepts only national students.

Internship possibilities

  • Hani i Elezit
  • Str. Adem Jashari no. 280
  • Kosovo
VAT Number
  • 810805830
Status of organization
  • Private
Type of organisation
  • Other enterprise
Organisation acts primarily in the following raw materials sectors
  • Mining
  • Other
  • Adnan Vila
E-mail address
Which months can the internships take place?
  • February 2023
  • March 2023
  • April 2023
  • May 2023
  • June 2023
  • September 2023
  • October 2023
  • November 2023
  • December 2023
What is the preferred duration of the internship?
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months
Open positions for internships in this year
  • 3
Internship location
  • Kosovo
  • Hani i Elezit
  • Str. Adem Jashari no 280
During the internship, company is able to offer to the intern(s):
  • Transport
  • Meals
Is field work included?
  • Yes
Is laboratory work included?
  • Yes
Preferred educational background of the intern(s)
  • mining
  • geology
  • chemistry
  • waste management
  • civil engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • environmental engineering
  • metallurgy
Required skills and competences
  • • Fluent in Albanian and English (oral and written)
    • Innovative and creative thinking
    • Safety-minded attitude
    • Computer Literacy of Microsoft Office
    • AutoCAD when required
    • Problem solving and analytical skills.
Interns assignments/tasks
  • • Monitor quality and quantity of the raw materials delivered by third parties
    • Ensures that all necessary topographical and geological maps are available and updated
    • Monitoring for efficient extraction, transport and crushing of raw materials
    • Observes the marl and limestone quarry
  • Jenuz Bulica / Quarry Development Manager
    Perparim Tusha / Maintenance Manager
Permanent employment possibilities
  • Yes
Interview with the candidates
  • Yes
Has your organisation already participated?
  • Yes
Year/programme of participation
  • 2016 / Pact4Youth;
    2021-22 / Kosovo Generation Unlimited;
    Sharrcem Internship Program through years