Fecupral, spol. s r.o.

Fecupral, spol. s r.o.

Prešov, -, Slovakia


IMPORTANT INFO: organisation cannot accept any interns in year 2023. Since 1997, Fecupral, s.r.o. (ltd) has been engaged in collecting, sorting and recycling of waste, as well as disposal of industrial waste. In 2000, a modern incineration plant for hazardous waste was put into operation. The two-stage combustion incinerator is designed for direct oxidative combustion of solid, pasty and liquid waste. Fecupral s.r.o., a small/medium-sized family enterprise, is one of the leading companies in waste management in Slovakia. As a comprehensive provider of services for industrial and municipal waste producers, we build on 20 years of experience with innovative technologies, equipment and processing techniques. We offer highly efficient solutions for waste treatment and ecological waste recovery. We provide

Internship possibilities

  • Fecupral, spol. s r.o.
  • Prešov
  • -
  • Slovakia
VAT Number
  • -
Status of organization
  • Public
Type of organisation
  • Other
Organisation acts primarily in the following raw materials sectors
  • Other
  • https://fecupral.sk/
  • Soňa Hatoková
E-mail address
  • hatokova@fecupral.sk
Which months can the internships take place?
  • December 2024
Internship location
  • Slovakia
  • Prešov
  • -
Own equipment
  • Yes
Own equipment required
  • own notebook
During the internship, company is able to offer to the intern(s):
  • None of the above
Is laboratory work included?
  • Yes
Preferred educational background of the intern(s)
  • waste management
Education (other)
  • English level B2 Bachelor's degree
Required skills and competences
  • - level of English at least B2, - basics in the field of waste management nad recycling process, - recommendation for students in the master's degree,
Interns assignments/tasks
  • - work in the laboratory and work in the office in the presence of the employee who will be responsible for the student - the student must follow the instructions of his mentor - observe safety at work
  • Ing. Soňa Hatoková